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“As a Police Officer and new K9 handler, Tracy has been very professional and dedicated to certifying the UCF Police Department’s Labrador Retriever. With myself having no experience with training dogs, Tracy was able to help be better qualified as a K9 unit. Tracy’s training in odor detection and behavioral obedience was able to help me certify my dog with National Narcotic Dog Detection Association (NNDDA), as an explosive ordinance detection K9. I highly recommend Tracy for dogs in need of training whether it’s police dogs or personal pet obedience. ”

Officer Jerad Engel

“Tracy is a WONDERFUL trainer! For the last two years she has partnered with our organization to help train and rehabilitate some of the most challenging dogs in local Central Florida shelters. Dogs with histories of multiple prior bites, multiple returns to the shelter for behavior – dogs with no where else to turn. Thanks to Tracy’s AMAZING work with these animals, all of them have successfully rehabilitated into new permanent homes and none of them have been returned for behavior or had further incidents after their time in training. Without her amazing knowledge and skills, so many animals would never have been able to leave the shelter alive. She is such a gift to the dogs she works with, and to area rescues!”

Erin Silley

President , Happy Trails Animal Rescue

“Tracy was an amazing trainer for our pup, Ivy. She worked with Ivy’s fear of men and dogs and there has been a huge, positive change. Since her board and train, Ivy has had nothing but happy encounters with men. She now walks through our Lowe’s store and loves on anybody that will pay attention to her. In the past, she would aggressively bark at any male that she could see. She still has a bit of work around other dogs, but she is doing way better than before she worked with Tracy. The best part is that Tracy gave both Ivy and us the tools to be successful throughout Ivy’s journey.

Tracy is great with following up and providing feedback throughout the training. We received daily pictures and/or video of Ivy’s progress. When Ivy was ready, Tracy included us in the process. Well… more like she trained us!

On a scale of 1 to 5, Tracy is a 10! She goes above and beyond! I would recommend anyone to use Tracy’s talent and passion for animals!”

Chad Haggerty

“Tracy is amazing! She’s gone above and beyond for me many times with my dog who has some pretty specific needs. She’s in constant communication with updates, progress and always follows up prior to make sure all is well. She’s also helped train him to be more obedient. Very impressed and would definitely recommend using her.”

Jason Zell

“I spent a few years looking for a trainer that really understood my needs and the needs of my dogs, but was also professional, available for questions outside of class, and empathetic when situations would come up that I needed extra training on. Tracy Cooksey is hands down, the best trainer I have worked with in Orlando. She even helped me with fundamentals like my posture, leash holding, and understanding my dogs. I have successfully trained 2 dogs with her and send everyone I know her way. She is an incredible person, rescue advocate, and adaptable trainer. She changed how I handle my fur kids and I’d work with her anywhere she went. ”


“Tracy was absolutely wonderful. My two dogs had gotten in a pretty serious fight and I was very concerned about them being able to be together, especially on a long drive moving to TX 2 weeks after the fight. She helped me understand what may have caused the issue, how to help one dog with his anxiety, and tips to keep it from happening again. It has made a world of difference and they are once more best buddies. I highly recommend K9 Diversity.”

Jana Colman

“I have seen what Tracy can do with dogs first hand. She took two shelter dogs and turned them into top notch drug sniffer dogs. If you want an amazing trainer who really listens to you and can really help your dog, call Diversity K9!”

Krissi Dee

“Tracy is hands down the best dog trainer we’ve worked with (and no, she’s not the only one we’ve worked with. She’s just that good). And she has done great work with a variety of dogs and temperaments, from our very confident German Shepherd to our pretty insecure hound rescue. I recommend Tracy to everyone that needs help with their dog, which, in my experience, is most everyone.”

Chad Turnbull

“Tracy is great with the dogs and you can tell so loves them. Sophie loves her!”

Ellen Rosser Vandeberghe

“Tracy is knowledgeable and her services have helped my dog’s reactivity issues tremendously. Plus my dogs absolutely love it when she comes over!”


“Diversity K9 has made a World of difference in our lives! So thankful for the continued help, support, and direction!”

Jennifer Krogel

“Tracy has been amazing for my puppy. I got Gypsy from a shelter at 4 months and she immediately started showing fear and aggression towards everyone except me. Every other trainer I called told me she was too young for that behavior and she didn’t need training. Tracy was the first person to validate my concerns and agree to evaluate Gypsy. We put her in the 2 week board and train program, which wasn’t an easy decision for me. I didn’t want to leave my new puppy for 2 weeks! But Tracy made the experience amazing!! She updated me daily, sometimes multiple times a day with pictures and videos of her progress. Even after coming home Tracy would answer any of my text questions quickly and gives great tips on how to work with your dog once home. You can tell she really cares about the dogs she’s working with and has a great knowledge of dogs and their behaviors. Thank you so much Tracy!!!”

Cassie Fillmore

“Tracy Cooksey, with Diversity K-9, did an amazing job getting our explosive detection K-9 trained. Her dedication and work ethic is unsurpassed. Tracy is all heart when it comes to making certain the dogs she trains are driven, loyal, and happy. We have a successful new member of our UCFPD K-9 team, thanks to Tracy and Diversity K-9.”

Sgt Mathew Fazi

K-9 and Patrol Sergeant, UCF Police

“Do you want something more for you and your dog?

I was researching when I met Tracey Cooksey through a friend. I asked questions, watched Tracey work with some dogs and soon I purchased a German Shepherd puppy.  I began working with Tracey and my new puppy (Taser).  Tracey was able to evaluate my puppy and structure a positive learning environment that was enjoyable for both Taser and I. I looked forward to our training session every week. Tracey has come a long way in balancing Taser mentally and socially while teaching me to build an amazing bond between dog and handler. We are currently working on our BH in Obedience for Schutzund/IPO. Tracey continues to work with both Taser and I. She is amazing! What I have seen of Tracey is a gift for dog training. I am learning a lot from Tracey and she continues to be the one I TRUST the most when it comes to what is best for my dog.

Tracy stands out above others due to her positive outlook, dedication, and she truly cares about what is best not only for  the dogs, but the family as a whole.

I can truly say her smile and laugh is truly entertaining!!

I would highly recommend Tracey Cooksey to anyone that is interested in a well balanced, happy dog, whether it be a family pet or working dog.”

Gregory J. Dalton & Taser

“Without Tracy, I would not have been able to keep Bruno. I adopted Bruno from Orange County Animal Services on July 3rd, 2017. Bruno was labeled as destructive, and anxious. I wanted to help him, so I adopted him anyway. Once I took Bruno home he was out of control. He would jump (all four legs) on the counter tops, bark, whine, and pace non stop. I was a hostage in my own home, due to Bruno’s extreme anxiety. I attempted to crate train him. Where upon, he broke the crate apart in less than a minute trying to escape.

I was referred to Tracy by a Volunteer at the shelter. She saved my life, and Bruno’s! Tracy provided us with exceptional training, supplements, and even referred me to a vet that specializes in Canine’s like Bruno. I highly recommend Tracy! Bruno is now living a normal life in our home. We are able to leave him by himself, walk him on a leash, he also obeys commands, and is great with our cat. Thank you Tracy, for your passion and expertise.”

Allison Burton

Owner, M Salon

“Tracy has been working with my puppies sine they were 3 months old and they have learned so much so fast. They’ve already earned their AKC Star Puppy designation! She has taught me so much about how to train them and handle any issues as they arise. Always very positive and loving toward my babies. I highly recommend her. ”

Karen Bras

“Our family was so fortunately referred to Tracy for training and help with our current dog and introducing a new puppy to our family. We have owned many dogs our entire lives and gone through many, many training programs and hired trainers in the past but Tracy has far surpassed all of our previous experiences. She is extremely kind, passionate, highly knowledgeable, extremely professional and focused on getting successful results for the whole family. With so many trainers and programs out there, I would encourage you to call Tracy and will refer her to anyone with current dog issues or anyone bring a new dog home. A++ experience and results!”

Dennis Bowman

“Tracy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dogs and their unique behaviors. She is patient and loving and her passion for the canine world is evident in how she interacts with them.”

Robin Bush

“She is an amazing trainer that understand very well Dog behavior.”

Marcelo Gonzalez

“We put our dog Sadie with this program. Sadie went red zone hyper and was hard to control. We were desperate! Tracey and this program gave us our dog back. With the training Sadie got here and the tutoring we got to keep the training going, our girl is now roaming the house! baby gates are gone, walking her is now pleasant! I can’t say enough good things about Tracey and Diversity K9.”

Leanne Loeffel

“Tracy is an amazing trainer! She has helped me with foster pups, my pups and my boyfriends dog. Let me tell you, ALL very different breeds with very different personalities from anxiety to reactiveness and everything in between!. She is incredibly knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to have help with my fur babies!”

Marcella Pereira

“Amazing company! Best of the best. Tracy is absolutely top of the line!”


“Cannot recommend Diversity K9 any more highly! Tracey has gotten my dog to stop taking anything she can reach and destroying my house in 2 sessions. She is incredible!”


“Highly recommend. Tracy did a wonderful job with my rescue doxie. The training she provided turned a very insecure and reactive dog into one that loves to work for praise and treats. ❤️🐾”


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