Specialty Training

Service Dogs

A service dog is any type of assistance dog that is trained to help people who have disabilities or a medical condition such as diabetes and seizures. Service dogs are required to complete task that the owner cannot do themselves, and are considered to have full access into environments/ facility’s other dogs are not. Diversity K9 offers a wide range of service dog training from medical alert, mobility, as well as emotional support dogs.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are dogs who go into settings such as nursing homes, hospitals and schools with a handler and volunteer their time to give support and comfort to others. Therapy dogs are not considered service dogs and do not have the same access service dogs do. Diversity K9 offers a very unique program that allows us to title dogs through AKC and receive a AKC Therapy Dog title. Within this program dogs will need to pass a Canine Good Citizen as well as a Urban Canine Good Citizen test. After all obedience titles have been met handler dog and trainer will have ten visits at either a kids reading program or nursing home to complete the training as a therapy dog.

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