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Unleash Your Dog's Inner Athlete with our Agility Class

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Agility Class is Starting January 20th, 2024


Diversity K9’s next Agility Training class starts on January 20th, 2024, and it’s your chance to unlock your furry friend’s hidden potential. Whether you have a high-energy Border Collie or a playful Pug, our classes are for dogs of ALL breeds and sizes!

Here’s what you and your pup can expect:

    • Exciting obstacle courses: Unleash your pup’s inner ninja navigating tunnels, ramps, jumps, and weaves. It’s like playtime on steroids!
    • Positive reinforcement training: We use fun, reward-based methods to build confidence and a love for learning. No harsh commands or gimmicks here!
    • Small class sizes: Get personalized attention from our experienced agility trainers, ensuring your dog gets the support they need to shine

    • Limited spots available! Sign up today for our pre-launch list:

How to Enroll:

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