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Board and Train

Board and Train Packages: Combining Premier Boarding and Expert Training

Board and Train Programs

Welcome to our Board and Train program, where the art of top-notch boarding is harmoniously merged with professional dog training. At Diversity K9, we understand that convenience is key. That’s why we’ve crafted our specialized packages that allow your canine companion to experience the comfort of our boarding facilities while benefiting from our expert training services.

A Tailored Approach
Our Board and Train program is ideal for busy pet owners who want their dogs to learn, grow, and have fun even while they’re away. Whether you’re heading out of town or just want to immerse your dog in a comprehensive training experience, our program combines the best of both worlds.

Our Luxurious Accommodations
During their stay, your pet will enjoy our luxurious boarding facilities. We ensure each guest’s utmost comfort and security. Our boarding accommodations are designed with your dog’s happiness in mind, featuring cozy living quarters and plenty of room for play.

Balanced Days Full of Learning and Fun
From morning to evening, your dog will enjoy a balanced schedule of learning and fun. Training sessions are intermingled with rest periods, playtime, and plenty of one-on-one attention.

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