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Dog Boarding

Award-Winning Dog Boarding In Orlando




Dog Boarding Services in Orlando: $60.00 Per Night


*Option for boarding 2 dogs in 1 kennel available at $35.00 per dog, totaling $70 for the night.

At Diversity K9, we set a new standard for contemporary pet care. Our top-notch facility, coupled with our professional and caring staff, creates a comfortable, fun-filled environment where your dog can truly unwind while you’re away. We ensure that your furry friend will have a memorable stay, allowing you to fully enjoy your travels.

Strategically located in the Orlando metro area, our stunning facility provides pet parents with a reliable and fulfilling pet care option.

Delightful Doggy Digs

Our pets enjoy a range of appealing accommodations. Our award-winning staff is eager to discover your pup’s preferred modes of play and affection. Each dog’s stay is tailored to their preferences, ensuring utmost enjoyment and comfort. We provide an array of activities and services to augment your pet’s stay. We’re committed to keeping your pet amused and content during their stay. 

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