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Diversity K9's Training Programs


Board and Train Programs

Diversity K9 offers Board and Train programs for obedience as well as behavior modification. Each Board and Train program will be modified for you and your dog. Every dog must go through an evaluation at the training facility with a trainer to better determine what training is best for your pet.

This training is $110.00 per day. Call today to schedule!

Private Training

Looking for one on one training to lay a solid foundation before your dog is ready for distractions? Are you wanting more individual training? Private sessions might be the right start for you and your dog. We offer flexible hours seven days a week for private training where you can focus on you and your dog, getting individual attention from one of our trainers.

This training is $60.00/hr. Call today to schedule!

Agility Training

Dog Agility is a wonderful sport that engages your dog mentally and physically, and a great confidence builder for all dogs. Our agility class is fun for any dog regardless of size or breed.

This agility training is $30.00 per class. Call today to schedule!

In-Home Training

Diversity K9 is now offering in-home training in the comfort of your home. All dogs must go through an evaluation first at our facility.

In-home training is $125.00 for the hour with a trainer. Please call us to set up the evaluation.

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