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Diversity K9's Training Programs

AKC- S.T.A.R Puppy Group Class

Diversity K9 Puppy Group class is for puppies under 6 months of age. In this small group class, we will be working socialization skills, place command, sit, down, stay at 5 feet, recall at 15 feet, leave it, drop, as well as loose leash walking. The AKC- S.T.A.R puppy class is a 6-week program.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Group Class

The Canine Good Citizen Class is a 6-week program for dogs over the age of 6 months. Within this program your dog will be working on the place command, heeling past distractions, sit, down, stay at 20 feet, recall at 20 feet, accepting friendly strangers without jumping, walking past other dogs without reacting as well as impulse control.

Advanced Canine Good Citizen Group Class

This is a 6-week class that meets once a week for dogs that are over one year of age. In this class we will be working on more advanced obedience such as entering and exiting doorways without pulling, walking through a crowd in a heel position, walking past food and toys that are left on the ground, heeling past distractions such as (cars, bikes, skateboards), three minute down stay and confidence walking up and down stairs or elevators. All dogs that come to this class must have completed the Canine Good Citizen Certification.

Board and Train Programs

Diversity K9 offers Board and Train programs for obedience as well as behavior modification. Each Board and Train program will be modified for you and your dog. Every dog must go through an evaluation at the training facility with a trainer to better determine what training is best for your pet.

Private Sessions

Looking for a little one on one with a trainer? This might be a good option for you and your dog. The private sessions we will be offering will be either 30 or 60 minutes at our training facility.

Competitive Obedience

This is for owners that wish to trial their dog in Schutzhund Begleithund (BH) Pattern which is a competitive obedience. Dogs will have to perform at a high level of obedience on leash and off leash.

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